Disaster Cleanup Long Island

Our Purpose

Storm damage can be crippling to homeowners, businesses, and entire communities. When events like Sandy happen, people need someone who is willing to step up and respond in a monumental way. The same company that cuts your grass or trims your trees is the company that clears roads for first responders, removes debris from power lines, and bulldozes sand to clear flooding.


We are Looks Great Services and we make sure that in the event of disasters we are ready to respond and make sense of the chaos. In the hours after a storm, our goal is to do anything in our power to allow the real heroes to do their job(policemen, firefighters, ambulances, national guard). Hospitals, elderly facilities, and communities need to be powered on. Roads and railways are the arteries that first responders rely on to do their job. We have the resources and the know how to clear debris

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