Tree Pruning

Deadwood Removal
Reduction and Restoration Pruning
Tree and Shrub Shaping

Remove deadwood to beautify and prevent decay from spreading. The only place deadwood looks good on a tree is when it's in a Halloween movie. Dead and decaying pockets in trees allow opportunistic pests to take up residence. It is a good idea to remove your property of deadwood every few seasons to reduce danger of falling branches, prevent pests, and beautify.

Reduction and renewal pruning is often needed to keep trees and bushes under control. Knowing where to make cuts is important to keep from compounding a problem with sprouting in the future. Cuts must be varied and strategic to produce a natural looking result. If you have a tree that needs to be severely cut back we can do restoration pruning in early spring.

Shaping trees and shrubs is almost like giving them a haircut. A popular service we provide is "A" Shaping conifer trees. This allows the sun to get on the bottom branches keeping that classic Christmas or Rockefeller tree look! Keep the trees and shrubs in shape in the summer and we would be happy to decorate them with our Christmas Decor Service for the holidays or special events.

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